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Of broader interest than just the research list. This came out of the
discussions at WikiSym this October between researchers and
Wikimedians about the need to have some structure about how
researchers interact with Wikipedia and Wikipedians (to try to
alleviate frustration on both sides).
-- phoebe

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Subject: [Wiki-research-l] Wikipedia Research policy
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Pursuant to prior discussions about the need for a research
policy on Wikipedia, WikiProject Research is drafting a
policy regarding the recruitment of Wikipedia users to
participate in studies.

At this time, we have a proposed policy, and an accompanying
group that would facilitate recruitment of subjects in much
the same way that the Bot Approvals Group approves bots.

The policy proposal can be found at:

The Subject Recruitment Approvals Group mentioned in the proposal
is being described at:

Before we move forward with seeking approval from the Wikipedia
community, we would like additional input about the proposal,
and would welcome additional help improving it.

Also, please consider participating in WikiProject Research at:

Bryan Song
GroupLens Research
University of Minnesota

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