[Foundation-l] Chapters Committee - Call for Candidates

Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Wed Feb 3 20:56:04 UTC 2010

As a clarification, since there seems to be a miscommunication, where the
text states "is a pre", please read "is a plus" and *NOT* "is a
pre-requisite". This is considered a non-obligatory advantage.

Of course it speaks for itself that languages not covered yet are a bigger
plus than languages covered. Please state so if you do speak those
languages, but don't worry too much about them in your consideration.

I'm sorry for the confusion. With kind regards,


2010/2/2 Lodewijk <lodewijk at effeietsanders.org>

> Dear all,
> As some of you will know, the Chapters Committee [1] is a Wikimedia
> Foundation board-appointed committee that is mainly responsible for
> the preparation of approval of new chapters. Currently, there are six
> members in the committee, and we are asking for candidates to increase
> the membership again.
> The chapters committee mainly reviews applications for the forming of
> a chapter on legibility and viability and reviews the bylaws of the
> organization. This requires communication with chapter candidates all
> over the world. Sometimes are applications straight forward and is the
> job mainly about reviewing the bylaws and ensuring stability in the
> long term that way, sometimes it involves more complex conversations
> about whether there are for example enough people involved in the
> candidate chapter. At the end of the process, the committee advices
> the board of the WMF on the decision to approve the chapter or not.
> The board makes the formal decision, but usually follows the advice.
> Key skills/experience that we are looking for in new members, are
> typically:
>    * willing to work in a sometimes bureaucratic process (reviewing
> bylaws is boring)
>    * 1-2 hour per week (on average) available
>    * internationally oriented
>    * Good communication skills in English
>    * Communication skills in other major world languages are a pre
>    * able to work and communicate with other cultures
>    * a strong understanding of the structure and work of both
> chapters and the WMF
>    * experience with or in an active chapter
>    * an active position in a chapter is a pre
> The number of applications is increasing and help is wanted! You can
> send your applications with your name, contact data, experience and
> motivation to the ChapCom email address, chaptercommittee-l AT lists
> DOT wikimedia DOT org before February 22. The applications will be
> considered by the current members (in cooperation with the WMF) and
> the proposal for the new membership will be reviewed by the Board
> before acceptence. I hope for many suitable applications. If you have
> any questions, please don't hesitate to email me privately.
> With kind regards,
> Lodewijk Gelauff
> Member, Chapters Committee
> [1]: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Chapters_committee

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