[Foundation-l] Google Wave and Wikimedia projects

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Sat May 30 00:12:59 UTC 2009

2009/5/30 Milos Rancic <millosh at gmail.com>:
> On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 1:42 AM, Anthony <wikimail at inbox.org> wrote:
>> That would be great, but wouldn't it also mean the death of Google and
>> pretty much any company which relies on web advertising to make money?  How
>> do you make money off of P2P?  Software and data license fees, I guess, but
>> is Google really prepared to go to that model?  And in a world where P2P
>> means easy piracy, is the world ready?
> Actually, I am very puzzled with that fact. (I don't have a clue how
> it looks like, but I suppose that the have the plan :) ) I just listed
> consequences of such approach. I was thinking a lot about very very
> similar approach, but I was thinking that it is just too radical to be
> implemented by one big company.

The Wave client will surely just have adverts in it, the same as gmail
does... where is the mystery?

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