[Foundation-l] Licensing resolution

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Fri May 22 14:09:58 UTC 2009

2009/5/22 Samuel Klein <meta.sj at gmail.com>:
> Thanks to everyone for handling the process so cleanly, and with an
> abundance of good information.
> Would it be possible to change the license switch to August 1 rather
> than June 15?
> I would like to point out the next major step, for which there is no
> time to lose : content compatibility with other GFDL sites will become
> impossible on August 1 -- after then, not only will we no longer be
> able to import materials currently under the GFDL (which will become
> impossible as soon as we decide to switch over licenses), but it will
> also no longer be possible for currently GFDL massively-collaborative
> sites to choose to make the same switchover that we are making (the
> GFDL provision is only valid until August 1).

I don't understand. Why do other sites need to switch before us?

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