[Foundation-l] More on Wikimedia strategic planning

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Sat May 2 19:43:43 UTC 2009

2009/5/2 geni <geniice at gmail.com>:
> 2009/5/2 Sue Gardner <sgardner at wikimedia.org>:
>> Hi folks,
>> I wrote here earlier about the process we're imagining for this
>> project; I'm going to take a minute now to write about the substance
>> of the work.  This isn't a direct response to any of the comments made
>> here thus far, but I hope it'll indirectly speak to some of the issues
>> you've brought up.
>> As always, I would love your input. The goal here is to work towards a
>> small number of sharply-focused highest-priority questions, so we can
>> explore each one deeply, and come up with actionable priorities.
>> Currently, I'm imagining three major Working Groups, each of which
>> will have various Sub-Groups helping them with specific pieces of
>> their scope. The three Working Groups, I am imagining right now, would
>> focus on Reach, Quality and Participation.
> Would they have a budget? If not whats the point? Wikipedia is not
> short of places to have conversations.

What would they spend it on? Talk is cheap, after all! Having
conversations is easy, having focused conversations that actually
reach useful conclusions is a little harder, but it isn't more

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