[Foundation-l] [Toolserver-l] PGP-keysign at the tech/chapter-meeting

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 21:42:40 UTC 2009

There's another way to do a key-signing, faster than 1-to-1. You have
everyone have a list and each one presents itself, giving their fingerprint.
I guess you'll have a brief introduction at the beginning where everyone
presents himself? If you were to say "I'm Daniel (aka as DaB), the evil
toolserver dictator", you'd also add " and my fingerprint is 3F70 85CA
F69E 03B5 063B  3B38 2D3E E2D4 2B25 5885"

Depending on their key-signing policy may request you later some kind of
id, but at least they have seen someone with that key claiming to be
you, and can remember your face to ask you instead of wandering about.

Also see the Sassaman methods.

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