[Foundation-l] PGP-keysign at the tech/chapter-meeting

DaB. WP at daniel.baur4.info
Tue Mar 31 15:49:57 UTC 2009

Hello all,

I think that when such a number of people come together it would be nice to 
have a key-signing in Berlin. If you have no idea, what a key-signing is, look 
at the wikipedia-article [[en:Key_signing_party]].
If you don't own a pgp-key yet and are an linux-user there are several how-tos 
on the net to get one fast (there are how-tos for windows-users too, but it's 
more complex, but that doesn't need to stop you).

Because there is no time (and place) for a hash-methode-keysigning (you know, 
all standing in a line for hours ;)), I would organise a 
list-methode-keysigning. That means that you send me

*Your nick (if you have one)
*Your realname (optional, but some people don't sign non-realname-keys)
*Your keynumber
*Your key-hash
*Your key (if it is not on normal key-servers)

to pgp at daniel.baur4.info.

I will make a list of that data. Then I (respectively the verein) will print 
out several copies of that list and place them at central places (like the 
reception or the c-base) for hand-out. You can also place sticker on your 
nameplate (to let people easier find you) if you like (I have colorful 
sticker-dots here ;)).

You will take such an list and start looking for other people, that stand on 
the list, check your hash on his/her list and his/her hash on your list and 
mark your name as checked on his/her list and his/her name on your list if 
all is right. Then continue until all entries on your list are checked (or 
the meeting is over).

It would be very nice if many people would participate to increase the level 
of trust (at least the key-trust) between us. 

Follow up to foundation-list.


P.S: Even if you come just to the party on saturday, you can take part!

2.P.S: I organize a key-signing for the first time, so please be patient if I 
did anything wrong.

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