[Foundation-l] Abuse filter

Petr Kadlec petr.kadlec at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 12:33:37 UTC 2009

2009/3/27 John at Darkstar <vacuum na jeb.no>:
> Contacting the ISP is a valid question, I believe contacting the ISP
> about completed actions are legal in most jurisdictions, contacting them
> about uncompleted actions is not.

I fail to see how do you distinguish between a “completed” action and
an “uncompleted” one.

When you click Save, you *complete* your action. The only difference
Abuse Filter makes is whether this action shows at
http://xx.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foobar?action=history, or at
http://xx.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:AbuseLog. How could the law
distinguish between those??

-- [[cs:User:Mormegil | Petr Kadlec]]

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