[Foundation-l] Announcement Election Committee

Jan-Bart de Vreede janbart at wikimedia.org
Thu Mar 26 17:27:06 UTC 2009

Hello everyone,

Election time is nearly upon us again. As you may recall the board has  
three directly elected representatives on it which serve for two  
years. After last year's restructuring we decided to have the board  
elections every odd year, and have the chapters select their  
representatives every even year. As in the past years we rely on an  
effective election committee to coordinate the elections for us. They  
not only guarantee that the election is overseen by an independent  
body, but they also make sure that the tremendous amount of work that  
needs to be done is taken care of.

In the past years the election committee has often lacked one or two  
essential skills, this is why the board received a request from  
members of last year's committee to allow them to reach out and form  
the basis of an election committee in which all the necessary skills  
were present, but which was also able to operate across the different  
time zones. The board agreed to this approach and has so far approved  
the following election committee members after they were proposed.

Jesse Plamondon-Willard - User:Pathoschild (UTC-5; Quebec, Canada)
Daniel Bryant - User:Daniel (UTC+10:30; Adelaide, Australia)
Yann Forget - User:Yann (UTC+1; Haute-Savoie, France)
'Dvortygirl' - User:Dvortygirl (UTC-7; California, United States)
Alexandre Emsenhuber - User:iAlex (UTC+1; Neuchâtel, Switzerland)
Mohsen Salek - User:Mardetanha (UTC+3:30; Zanjan, IR Iran)
Philippe Beaudette - User:Philippe (UTC-5; Oklahoma, United States)
Andrew Garrett - User:Werdna (UTC+10; Sydney, Australia)

Of course there is always room for more volunteers. If you feel that  
you can contribute to this committee, please contact the board  
election committee (Board-elections at lists.wikimedia.org) and inform  
them of your interest and give a small summary of why you think you  
would be able to help out with this process. Just to make sure we all  
understand: you cannot be part of the election committee if you are  
planning to be a candidate or are planning to support any candidate  
publicly or have any other conflict of interest. Deadline for any  
extra volunteers is April 3nd 12:00 UTC. After the deadline the  
election committee will decide which extra volunteers they want to  
propose to the board for approval.

The timeline for the next steps in the process will be published in  
the beginning of April by the election committee. So if you are  
interested in becoming a candidate, time to start preparing!


Jan-Bart de Vreede
Board Liason Election Committee

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