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Cary Bass cary at wikimedia.org
Wed Mar 25 21:30:19 UTC 2009

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Dominic wrote:
> Gerard Meijssen wrote:
>>> When I read what is proposed, the impression is given that a
>>> process will start with a compulsory outcome. I understand the
>>> rationale for one shared logo and favicon. The problem is that
>>> it is people outside of Wiktionary that want to improve the
>>> Wiktionary "brand" and the last time it was very much these
>>> outsiders that made the selection.
> Exactly. Despite the fact that fr.wikt and a few others eventually
>  adopted the logo, the logo debacle was not en.wikt's making. It
> wasn't a refusal to accept the the outcome of the proposal, it was
> a reluctance to be dictated to by people who weren't a part of the
> community. I'm afraid this will be interpreted the same way, if
> we're proposing to just slap a sitenotice on all the Wiktionaries
> telling them to discuss a new logo. There needs to be community
> impetus for the change, so that the meta discussion evolves out of
> actual community desire for a new logo. We should start at places
> like en.wikt's [[Wiktionary:Beer parlour]], fr.wikt's
> [[Wiktionnaire:Wikidémie]], and es.wikt's [[Wikcionario:Café]], not
> foundation-l.
I have to respectfully disagree that a proposal that will affect all
these projects has to originate in thirty different places.  Since
there is no central Wiktionary community, the Meta project, and
Foundation-l as well as Wiktionary-l (which was cross-posted) is the
place to get the discussion going.

While the English Wiktionary community may or may not be satisfied
with the logo as-is, in the interest of maintaining a visual identity,
one logo has to be used across projects, whether or not the English
Wiktionary wants it or not.  The discussion has to get started, no
matter where it is, and meta and the two mailing lists are, in fact,
the appropriate place to start the discussion.  I do expect (and have
asked) that links to that discussion are made from those projects (and
in the Central Notice as well)

I would find it sad if the English Wiktionary were to choose not to
involve itself in a process that will ultimately affect its
appearance; however, I don't anticipate this will actually be the case.

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