[Foundation-l] Licensing transition: opposing points of view

Michael Snow wikipedia at verizon.net
Fri Mar 20 22:11:17 UTC 2009

Nikola Smolenski wrote:
> Дана Friday 20 March 2009 06:59:35 Michael Snow написа:
>> Nikola Smolenski wrote:
>>> It is just your opinion that they have over-attributed; my opinion is
>>> that their way of attribution is reasonable.
>> Just because one method is reasonable does not mean that all others are
>> unreasonable.
> Has anyone said that?
Not necessarily in so many words. But for proponents of the 
"all-authors" approach to attribution, an inherent part of the subtext 
in such arguments is that other approaches, which do not go to the same 
length in listing authors, are inferior and therefore also unreasonable. 
I thought it would be worthwhile to get the implied argument out and 
address it.

By comparison, Erik only said that people had over-attributed 
historically. He didn't say it was unreasonable of them to 
over-attribute, nor do I think that should be implied in what he said. 
Yet your response did seem to imply it, since it tried to rebut that 

--Michael Snow

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