[Foundation-l] Pissed off at en:Wikisource

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sat Mar 14 00:13:08 UTC 2009

Birgitte SB wrote:
> --- On Thu, 3/12/09, Ray Saintonge  wrote:
>> In the course of the discussion about me, I considered
>> coming here at an 
>> early stage, but decided that I would let things play out
>> on wiki 
>> first.  I did not raise the issue here until a few
>> days after the 
>> decision was closed and implemented.
>> If I had not commented on events here, would you have
>> noticed it, and 
>> would it even have crossed your mind to comment as you did
>> above?  
> I don't follow exactly what you mean.  I often comment here that some new thread is an internal issue and not a Foundation one.  If you had commented on-wiki, I would have responded there.  If you hadn't commented about the situation at all, I wouldn't have commented either.

Maybe it's not just a matter of "would" you have, but of "could" you 
have.  You were certainly aware of the debate, since you did clarify a 
non-controversial side issue.  For you or Zhaladshar to have done 
anything more would have compromised your position as bureaucrats. 

> Given 
>> the still relatively small community at en:ws, where does
>> one turn for a 
>> calmer and more objective analysis from someone who is not
>> a part of the apparent piling on? 
> You can approach community members who were not part of the apparent piling on and ask them for such an analysis.  You can ask someone who is not part of the community and that you respect for generally giving calm and objective analysis to share their opinion on en.WS. I am not against people from out of the community helping out with this.  I just don't believe either such a wide announcement nor having the opinions being placed outside of en.WS should be encouraged.
That perhaps represents an idealized perspective.  When the two who 
spoke out in my favour were attacked the atmosphere was poisoned. I 
don't blame the quieter members from saying to themselves, "I don't want 
any part of this."  Even outside of the en.ws community, this sort of 
debate is not to everyone's taste.  The wide approach may indeed not be 
suited to all circumstances, but there are times when it may be 
appropriate.  There are also times, as John has suggested, when a 
procedure on Meta may be the best.


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