[Foundation-l] Report to the Board of Trustees: January 2009

Sue Gardner sgardner at wikimedia.org
Thu Mar 12 01:03:53 UTC 2009

Report to the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees

Covering:		January 2009
Prepared by:		Sue Gardner, Executive Director, Wikimedia Foundation
Prepared for: 	Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees


1. World Economic Forum at Davos
2. Annual fundraising campaign wrap-up
3. January board meeting
4. Stanton Usability project starts up
5. Bits and pieces: normal fundraising activities, grant proposal
development, strategic plan, etc.



On January 9-11, the Board of Trustees met at the Wikimedia Foundation
office in San Francisco.  Agenda items included: a recap of the
success of the online fundraiser; a financial update recapping the
basics of the 2008-09 annual plan and informing the Board that the
organization is on track to meet its targets; an overview of the
proposed plan for achieving resolution on the license migration issue;
a walk-through of changes to the Form 990, coming next year;
presentation of a resolution requiring people bound by the Conflict of
Interest policy to update their statements annually; presentation of a
resolution to approve the establishment of a new Citibank account in
France; a general discussion of the time and travel commitment for
board members; presentation of resolutions to recognize Wikimedia NYC
as Wikimedia's first sub-national chapter, and to recognize Wiki UK
Limited as a chapter; presentation of the minutes of the October board
meeting and the November IRC board meeting; a discussion of the
collaborative strategy development process requested of Sue by the
Board; a review of the role of the Ombudsman commission and the
appointment of new members; an evaluation and revamp of Wikimedia
Board-created committees; an update on the status of the hiring of the
Chief Program Officer; an executive session; a wide-ranging
conversation with a potential new Advisory Board member; an update on
the activity of the Nominating Committee, and a presentation of
comScore Media Metrix data.  The minutes of the January 9-11 Board of
Trustees meeting are expected to be released within a month or two.


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