[Foundation-l] Wikimedia too centralised? (was Re: Attribution by URL reasoning?)

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 21:24:48 UTC 2009

[I've changed the subject line.]

2009/3/11 Lars Aronsson <lars at aronsson.se>:

> If the content is free, people don't need to drink from our
> watertap. It's the water that's important, not the tap. We could
> have a minimal webserver to receive new edits. Serving replication
> feeds to a handful of media corporations (who might pay for it!)
> should be far cheaper than to receive all this web traffic.  Some
> universities might serve up ad-free mirrors. We could be the
> Associated Press instead of the New York Times, the producer
> instead of the retailer.
> Or is the fact that we spend so much to maintain the 7th most
> visited website an admission to the fact that the space between
> the copies actually has a great value to us? A value that will be
> strengthened by cementing its URL and/or the name Wikipedia
> (attributing the project) into the new license?
> I'm not against that. I will go with whatever. I'm very flexible
> and I still think this is a very fun technical experiment. But I
> think the change is worth some consideration.

This is somewhat true.  MediaWiki still needs a bloody huge central
database server (or three) and so it has them.

I suppose the place to ask your question is on wikitech-l.

Being able to duplicate the infrastructure is necessary for forking to
be meaningful:


I'm not sure anything listed there has meaningfully changed in the
last two years.

- d.

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