[Foundation-l] Pissed off at en:Wikisource

Yaroslav M. Blanter putevod at mccme.ru
Wed Mar 11 08:05:09 UTC 2009

> Hello,
> I think this is a communety thing. Its to bad that you lost your
> adminship but why should people from other projects step in?
> I mean this is something on the en.source not a global thing.
> huib
> --

I have no idea of the en.ws situation, nor do I want to have any idea, but
I would like to remark that leaving such things to the community decision
is a good idea only if the community itself is big enough. Otherwise, it
is easy for a group of individuals, or even for an individual to introduce
their own rules which may be incompatible with the general purposes of the
project. In this case, an external help may be needed. For instance, this
is what happened a year ago on ru.wb when the only admin has been
desysopped after it has been discovered and reported on this very list
that he arbitrarily abused and blocked other users and removed edits.

Again, I am not really aware of the situation on en.ws, I have no idea
whether this project is big enough to solve their own problems within the
project, and I do not want to make any statements about any users over
there. (As a matter of fact, I never logged in to en.ws). I just wanted to
say that not every project is capable with solving its own problems.


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