[Foundation-l] Attribution survey, first results

Phil Nash pn007a2145 at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Mar 4 21:04:07 UTC 2009

Gregory Kohs wrote:
>> *Phil Nash* pn007a2145 at blueyonder.co.uk said:
>> ++++++
>> Except of course, that such a survey would arguably not have
>> "preconceived desires". So much for empiricism!
>> ++++++
>> I offered to give some pro bono guidance on overcoming (to a degree)
>> self-selection bias, even among an anonymity-heightened population.
>> I didn't say that I would be involved in the actual design and
>> execution of the survey.  So much for civility!

I was not intending to be uncivil, merely to point out that surveys are 
often designed to elicit a particular response rather than cold, hard, 
facts. Apologies if I conveyed a contrary impression, but having been a 
serious victim of such a survey, I am somewhat sensitive to the weaknesses 

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