[Foundation-l] Request for your input: biographies of living people

Ting Chen wing.philopp at gmx.de
Wed Mar 4 12:37:44 UTC 2009

Sue Gardner wrote:
> 2009/3/3 Michael Snow <wikipedia at verizon.net>
>> But someone making a request is a sign that the article really needs a
>> hard look, and quite possibly should be removed for not meeting our
>> standards. So the reversed presumption of "default to delete, unless
>> consensus to keep" is a good idea for living subjects. I would add that
>> when this is in question, arguments that make excuses for the current
>> state of the article are not valid reasons to keep it.
> I am just clarifying - "default to delete unless consensus to keep" would be
> a change from current state, right?
> I ask because I got a call the other day from someone asking to have the BLP
> about her deleted. The article centred around a single incident in her
> life.  I handed it off to a longtime English Wikipedian (doesn't matter
> who), who told me the subject was notable and therefore the article would be
> kept.
> That experience was consistent with my general understanding - that it has
> been extremely difficult for even marginally notable people to get the BLP
> about them deleted.
> So -again, just to clarify- if Wikipedia adopted a practice of defaulting to
> delete unless there's consensus to keep, that would be change from how BLPs
> are handled today - yes?
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I am not sure how it is handled on en-wp. If it was on zh-wp and if it 
is me whom you wrote I would do following: I would put the article to 
vote for delete with a remark that the person requested for delete. I 
would put a remark in village pump because this is a delete request that 
is not under the usual procedure to get more attention and I would leave 
a remark with link on the Skype chat room (this mainly because of the 
chinese community heavily use Skype) I would also leave a remark on the 
user talk page who had created or largely extended the article about the 
delete request. So it is either a per default keep nor a per default 
delete. I think it is a your attention please we need talk about this.


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