[Foundation-l] Request for your input: biographies of living people

Ting Chen wing.philopp at gmx.de
Tue Mar 3 09:08:12 UTC 2009

Sue Gardner wrote:
> Can I ask: does anyone reading this thread 1) think raising the notability
> threshold is a bad idea, 2) believe defaulting to deletion upon request is a
> bad idea, or 3) disagree with the notion that other Wikipedias should shift
> closer to the German Wikipedia's generally-less-permissive policies and
> practices, particularly WRT BLPs?

To the first question: I am not sure if this really helps solve the 
problem. We will always mention peoples inside or outside of BLP 
articles that are maybe not so notable. We will cite them, report what 
is reported about them, etc. Frankly, I think the notability threshold 
between de-wp and en-wp are quite similar. The german have different 
focus. For example all parliament members of Germany have their article 
on de-wp, but not all american congressmen or senators has an article on 
de-wp. And on en-wp, most german parliament members don't have an 
article, while all congressmen and senators have an article. But the 
principle threshold for both are the same. The notability threshold are 
radically different on other areas, for example fictional figures, but 
that is not our topic.

To the second question: Yes. I think there should be NONE defaulting to 
deletion upon request. There is also no default deletion upon request on 
de-wp. A request for delete should always be checked.

To the third question: Yes. Partly already answered in my other mails 
and partly above in the answer to the first question.


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