[Foundation-l] "antisocial production" & pt:wiki policies

Virgilio A. P. Machado vam at fct.unl.pt
Tue Jun 30 03:29:41 UTC 2009

Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Thanks for the comments 
from Marc, Nathan and Steven. I'm hurrying this response in an 
attempt to keep the subject alive for a little longer and generate 
some interest from others.

Marc, you comment is not very optimistic, but it was a great 
incentive to do what I announced above. Hopefully others will be more 
encouraged to voice their ideas about other matters, knowing they'll 
find a friendly hear and some useful and very welcome feedback.

I'm glad to find Nathan in a better mood this time :-). Of course 
language is a problem. This is indeed a very interesting problem that 
I hope has a solution in the international wikipedian community. That 
is also an obstacle to getting on greater detail in this list since 
most of its members would not be able to verify and cross check that 

The Foundation can't afford to let a Wikipedia on some obscure 
language (that is not the case of Portuguese) to run wild and be run 
by some mob. At some time a flag will go up. What then? I could offer 
some suggestions, but I was hoping that you all would come up with 
some useful and tested procedures.

I'm afraid to have to admit that the lack of interest and advice that 
I got, so far, covers both list and off-list. I wish that would 
change, again not only for the present case, but what kind of message 
is this sending to others? How sure can we all be that there aren't 
or there would not be other cases in the future?

Quite frankly, I would rather be wrong (not a very palatable 
prospect) but give others the assurance that their voices will be 
heard, than letting them remember the story of this guy from 
"somewhere" who blew the whistle and nobody cared.


Virgilio A. P. Machado

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