[Foundation-l] Wikimedia Donation Buttons Upgrade

Rand Montoya rmontoya at wikimedia.org
Wed Jun 24 21:22:00 UTC 2009

(As this email may enact changes that affect the total Wikimedia 
community, please feel free to forward or post this email on any and all 
applicable lists. I would like as much feedback as possible.)


We have begun exploring ideas for enhancing the visibility of the donate 
button not only within the Wikimedia main skin but also on every page of 
every Wikimedia project. We hope that enhancement will enable us to 
better informing our public that we are dependent on their donations as 
we promote the free and open knowledge movement.

We expect that a small change to the Wikimedia main skin will result in 
big returns in donations--donations we use to keep the Wikimedia 
movement alive and growing. I expect that in return for a bit of 
enhanced visibility, we will see a daily increase of up to 20% in 

Working with the same professional designer that worked on last year's 
donation page (http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Donate/Now/en), we 
have culled his 30+ button ideas into 6 that represent some of the 
better designs.

We have posted several design options for your comments and input here: 

I would like your input and advice in figuring out both how to make this 
buttons look better and how to make the language around the buttons 
better. In addition, we are exploring adding different language 
underneath the Title Bar of an article.

Design is only half of this change...words are important. What are the 
simplest words we can use (we are aware that these changes may get 
translated to numerous other languages) that will convey what we want to 
convey? You, collectively, have proven to be amazing at using words and 
communicating with our users. How can we reach them?

One of these designs borrows from our look and feel from our previous 
campaign and another resembles the look and feel of Paypal. What do you 
think of those? We are curious about how look and feel associated with 
online payments will increase the need or opportunity to make a donation.

The objective here is to take the average Wikimedia user and get them to 
recognize we are a non-profit and that our future depends on their 
donations. How can we better show our users that we are a charity?

Again, your time and input is appreciated. To see the designs, go here: 


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