[Foundation-l] Google Translate now assists with humantranslations of Wikipedia articles

picus-viridis picus-viridis at o2.pl
Sat Jun 13 16:20:36 UTC 2009

> Let me disagree. Hungarian is not in the same group by far, and the
> results make it possible to understand more than 50% of the text
> (sometimes I'd say above 90%). While this is far from proper
> translation it is by no means _useless_, since its obvious use is to
> understand a completely foreign text to some extents.

IMHO automatic translations into Polish are useless, as they only allow rough orientation in the contents of an article. It concerns  not only translations from Hungarian (in which part of the words whose Polish counterparts were unknown to the automatic translator were left untranslated or translated into English), but even translations from German. (I was trying articles on the children's literature ;-)

Picus viridis

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