[Foundation-l] Wikipedia tracks user behaviour via third party companies #2

Domas Mituzas midom.lists at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 19:00:38 UTC 2009


> Couldn't the stats job you want run on toolserver?

Really, this isn't much of foundation-l issue - we have been  
collecting and providing detailed article viewership statistics for  
over a year.
People are building various applications on top of that data, like http://wikirank.com/en/Jimmy_Wales 
  - and we already handle the data processing task.

*shrug*, if anyone wants better standards, better interfaces, etc - it  
all can be achieved, in one way or another, without sacrificing  
privacy of our users.
As I've stated and will state again, we will err towards privacy, if  
we have to err.

toolserver could be vehicle for some of data analysis and aggregation,  
but currently users on it are not supposed to get private data either,  
nor it is able to scale with overall content delivery infrastructure.

I'd like everyone to understand, that 'who reads what' is 1000x more  
data (and hence more privacy issues) than 'who edits what'.
Just those who come and read about whatever they want to read, do not  
have representation on this mailing list, so we have to have that in  
mind too.

We're building service for much much larger group of people, and  
interests of few should not be sacrificing privacy of everyone else.


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