[Foundation-l] Wikipedia tracks user behaviour via third party companies #2

John at Darkstar vacuum at jeb.no
Sun Jun 7 08:43:38 UTC 2009

Discussing something as a general social concern is one thing, claiming
that it is a wmf legal issue is something different.

Michael Snow skrev:
> John at Darkstar wrote:
>> Are the developers lawyers? A developer claiming something has an
>> unwanted privacy issue is very different from making claims about
>> something being a legal issue on the behalf of Foundation. Simply don't
>> do it.
> Privacy is not simply a legal issue, it's a general social concern. Our 
> privacy policy should not be treated as merely a legal document, it's an 
> effort to express part of our social compact. Unless it's a matter of 
> interpreting legal regulations somewhere else, I consider the developers 
> equally competent to address privacy issues. If Brion or Tim or Domas 
> identify an issue, they don't need to run to Mike every time to check 
> that it really is something that should be addressed.
> --Michael Snow
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