[Foundation-l] Wikipedia tracks user behaviour via third party companies #2

Michael Snow wikipedia at verizon.net
Sat Jun 6 20:22:46 UTC 2009

John at Darkstar wrote:
> Are the developers lawyers? A developer claiming something has an
> unwanted privacy issue is very different from making claims about
> something being a legal issue on the behalf of Foundation. Simply don't
> do it.
Privacy is not simply a legal issue, it's a general social concern. Our 
privacy policy should not be treated as merely a legal document, it's an 
effort to express part of our social compact. Unless it's a matter of 
interpreting legal regulations somewhere else, I consider the developers 
equally competent to address privacy issues. If Brion or Tim or Domas 
identify an issue, they don't need to run to Mike every time to check 
that it really is something that should be addressed.

--Michael Snow

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