[Foundation-l] Agreement between WMF and O'Reilly Media about Wikipedia: The Missing Manual on Wikipedia?

Mike.lifeguard mikelifeguard at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 28 12:51:41 UTC 2009

The resulting work will be welcome at Wikibooks. But I'm unclear
why you can't have someone getting paid to write content on a
Wikimedia wiki? One of our bureaucrats Whiteknight is currently
doing this as part of his employment for the Perl Foundation:
While there could conceivably be problems in doing so, we
couldn't find any in this case. I'd be interested whether that
would also be true of having John write about using Wikipedia in
an educational context. I suppose if the WMF is paying him then
they could be considered a publisher instead of a service
provider, however I would think that can be easily taken care of
in the contract, no?
----Erik Möller wronte:----
The guide won't be directly developed on a Wikimedia wiki to
avoid an
icky paying-for-content situation, but once it's ready we'll
it widely and hope it'll find a home on Wikibooks or elsewhere
future development. For those who want to get a first glimpse
the scenes, John is working on at it at <howto.pediapress.com>.
He is
happy to collaborate, but it's his baby and he'll build it
however he
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