[Foundation-l] Wikia leasing office space to WMF

Geoffrey Plourde geo.plrd at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 24 05:18:08 UTC 2009

With a move you have several costs. The rent is only a small part. Travel is another factor. If rewiring is needed, it will cost even more. All these costs add up to make a real price. 

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2009/1/23 Erik Moeller <erik at wikimedia.org>:
> * We've suggested to Wikia a fair market rate based on the average of
> the other options we obtained;

Average, or cheapest? If it really was average, then you're going to
have need to justify precisely how the added bonuses from Wikia are
worth whatever the difference was between the cheapest and the
average. You need to use an abundance of caution when you're a charity
doing business dealings with a company whose board overlaps with

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