[Foundation-l] Why is the software out of reach of the community?

Aryeh Gregor Simetrical+wikilist at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 14:05:14 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 4:57 AM, Nikola Smolenski <smolensk at eunet.yu> wrote:
> Another useful thing: after an article is parsed, write all the
> templates it uses and their parameters in the database. Even if at first
> it isn't possible to read this data on Wikipedia, Toolserver could do
> wonders with it :)

This should be fairly easy . . . the table would be absolutely
ginormous, probably bigger than any table we currently have, but with
zero reads (or near-zero, supposing it's made available through the
API and such) that might not be the end of the world.

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