[Foundation-l] Fundraiser update

Anders Wegge Keller wegge at wegge.dk
Wed Jan 7 23:55:49 UTC 2009

geni <geniice at gmail.com> writes:

> 2009/1/7 Anders Wegge Keller <wegge at wegge.dk>:
>>  Whiners has always been quicker to the keyboard, then those without
>> opinions either way. That's a human trait, i suppose. Failing to take
>> this fact into the equation effectively invalidates your
>> assesment. And since you haven't mentioned it by now, I will not
>> accept any delayed claims to the opposite.

> This only works if you are seriously trying to suggest that there
> are people who feel that large banners add to the wikipedia
> experience.

 I think that the large majority who doesn't feel the need to whine
about them accepts them as a nescesary thing to fund WM.

> Most people come to wikipedia to read articles. Generally having
> font-size: 33 banners between the top of the page and the article is
> not a good way to facilitate this.

 Having no banners and no servers to serve the artuicles are even
worse. Having payed the dangeld to get rid of them, I think most are
happy being acknowledged for the fact.

> Now we can agree that fundraising banners that size are apparently
> effective which is good but thankyou banners that size less so. If a
> thank you is required one the size of the collapsed banner would
> appear to suffice.

 I don't agree on that point. Having extorted 6+ million $ out of the
readers with a Jesus headline, and then switching the thank you note
to leagal flyspeck, would send the wrong signal. If we NEED Joe Bloggs
meney, we'd better THANK him in the same way. Otherwise he may
OVERLOOK the plea next time it comes around.


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