[Foundation-l] Missing audio of WMF Board candidates

Gregory Kohs thekohser at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 22:30:09 UTC 2009

I have asked the User who is supposedly in possession of the raw audio file
to explain what's happening, and he has bluntly replied that he is no longer
interested in spending the "two days" that it would take to edit the
two-hour audio feed.

I then requested that he simply deliver the unedited electronic audio file
to me, and I will be happy to post it.  That was 20 hours ago.  Still no

The previous public replies to my initial post here (that I am "ill informed
that you are not aware how things are organised", or that my "complains
(sic) about it are unreasonable and mistargeted", or that it's hard to "see
what you expect the Foundation or the
Election Committee to do about" it) are way off the mark.  My point really
was that if the Wikimedia Foundation truly cared about an open, transparent,
and responsibly-handled election, the Foundation STAFF (the folks paid money
to run the organization effectively) would have been hosting this sort of
dialogue/debate themselves, rather than breathing a sigh of relief that the
junior-grade volunteers would take yet another responsibility off of their
plate.  Clearly, there are more important things on their agenda, such
as the monthly rent checks to Wikia, Inc. that need to be written!  The WMF
staff can't be bothered with things like Board-level election


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