[Foundation-l] Principle and pragmatism with nudity and sexual content

Yaroslav M. Blanter putevod at mccme.ru
Tue Apr 21 14:01:58 UTC 2009

> Someone I know did not recognise a venereal disease and as a consequence
> she
> became barren. It is because of this that I asked a Dutch organisation for
> illustrations of how venereal diseases visually manifest themselves. The
> images I got show sexual organs, show ulcers and other things that are
> quite
> horrid. The only way I know that gives people a fighting chance is by
> educating them, by providing information. That is in our mission. Our
> mission does not say we will give you information, "sanitised"
> information,
> information that will not help you because it is incomplete.
> When you argue that there is no need for "arty" nude pictures, I agree.
> That
> is a completely different subject then hiding essential information that
> we
> need in our articles. Our articles require the highest quality
> illustrations
> because in this way we are true to our mission to inform.
> Thanks,
>        GerardM

I believe in this part of the discussion nobody argues that the images
like you mention should be removed, it is just a question whether they
should be tagged (named, categorized) appropriately so that communities
may decide to include them as hidden for instance.

This is under understanding the whole issue is not covered by BLP policy
(I assume if a vagina is shown but the face is not this is not a BLP


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