[Foundation-l] Foundation policy on linking to website that violates copyright

Ilya Schurov ilya.schurov at noo.ru
Tue Apr 14 21:20:38 UTC 2009

Ilya Schurov wrote:
> Robert Rohde wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 11:42 AM, Ilya Schurov <ilya.schurov at noo.ru> wrote:
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>>> They say that we put excessive burden on the editors and it is simply
>>> not necessary to investigate facts of copyright violation on third-party
>>> websites (at least, since there are no requests from copyright holders),
>>> because we have no explicit statements of the Foundation that we have to
>>> do it.
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>> On the narrow issue of en:WP:C and Intellectual Reserve v. Utah
>> Lighthouse Ministry, neither is expected to impose a positive burden
>> on editors.  The court case is predicated on the fact that they
>> already knew they were linking to copyright violations and continued
>> to do so intentionally.
>> The enwiki policy is simply a statement that we will remove links if
>> we become aware that they are associated with copyvios, but it is fine
>> for an ordinarily editor to link to anything unless he has already
>> become aware of a problem.  No editor is required or expected to do
>> copyright investigations before adding a normal link.
> Yes, it's clear. Nobody is going to require editors to do copyvio 
> investigation of third-party resources before linking them. It's a 
> conflict resolution matter: e.g. one editor claim that some site 
> violates copyright and therefore we shouldn't link there, while the 
> other editor try to put this link into the article and argue that 
> copyright issues are not important here. ArbCom believes that the site 
> under consider indeed violates copyright. Should we consider this as an 
> argument to remove such link, or just ignore it?
OK, let me put my question in the following way:

What is the status of this page: 
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Copyright, which says: "Giving external 
links to copyright-violating content is prohibited"? Is it a policy 
every project should follow?


Ilya V. Schurov

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