[Foundation-l] Pictures of Bangkok riots

Jiri Hofman hofmanj at aldebaran.cz
Tue Apr 14 16:33:42 UTC 2009

Very generally:

It is quite complicated to keep an eye on all files comming into Wikipedia
or Commons. No wonder admins delete those without _absolutely needed_
information provided by its uploader without further investigation.
Notification of being doing it so is just enough. If one wants to care
about legal purity of the project, such decisions must be made sometimes.
Admin's very often delete material which they like but something is wrong
or missing.

There is no need for being angry if someone's images are deleted. It is
really easy to undelete the images in case the information is provided

It would be a blunder to add a license "in good faith". This is only and
only author's right.

No idea why uploading own images should be complicated in Commons. It
hardly can be easier. The whole process is very nice to its user.

If somebody wants very fine admins' work and behaviour, he or she should
at least try to do the same. If somebody calls for a good faith, he or she
should act in the good faith too.


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