[Foundation-l] Pictures of Bangkok riots

Marco Chiesa chiesa.marco at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 12:11:17 UTC 2009

On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 1:24 PM, Waerth <waerth a asianet.co.th> wrote:

> Today 5 of the 19 pictures were put up for deletion ... and why ....
> because I forgot to say they were CC-BY-SA like the other 14 .... anyone
> with a bunch of brains would have asked me at my Talk page to add the
> license or would have done it themselves as they could safely assume
> that I would give them the same license as the other pictures .....

I see you got a message in your talk page, I'm pretty sure the deletion
process would have stopped immediately after you put the license you forgot.
By not putting the license tag themselves they're protecting your author's
rights, as they can't be sure you really wanted to license the photos as
cc-by-sa. God knows, maybe you would have written a pissed off email saying
that "the damn civil servants" license your images without asking you...

> But no the damn civil servants put them up for deletion.

Like I guess they would have done with anyone's images, including another
fellow admin

> This is really hurting especially since I have done so much for the
> Dutch wikipedia and because for the first 6 pictures I was in a
> situation of violence. I regret deeply that I have donated these
> pictures to the wikimedia foundation and I hope that they will be
> deleted. As Soon As Possible.

You know what? Tagging the other 5 images would have taken much less time
than writing this email, and you would have pissed off fewer people.


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