[Foundation-l] Pictures of Bangkok riots

Waerth waerth at asianet.co.th
Tue Apr 14 11:44:46 UTC 2009

And as a thank you for the pictures I am being blocked.

> The 13th I took 70 pictures of the fight between the red shirts and the 
> army. I was in the first lines when the soldiers were shot at and 
> molotov cocktails were thrown. The 14th I took pictures of the situation 
> around government house in a more peacefull setting after the army had 
> disbanded the red shirts.
> Even though I have refused for 2,5 years to add any more of my knowledge 
> to the Dutch wikipedia about thailand because of the bunch of idiotic 
> civil servants ruling the place as if it is their own personal fiefdom I 
> decided to give a couple of pictures.
> Today 5 of the 19 pictures were put up for deletion ... and why .... 
> because I forgot to say they were CC-BY-SA like the other 14 .... anyone 
> with a bunch of brains would have asked me at my Talk page to add the 
> license or would have done it themselves as they could safely assume 
> that I would give them the same license as the other pictures .....
> But no the damn civil servants put them up for deletion.
> This is really hurting especially since I have done so much for the 
> Dutch wikipedia and because for the first 6 pictures I was in a 
> situation of violence. I regret deeply that I have donated these 
> pictures to the wikimedia foundation and I hope that they will be 
> deleted. As Soon As Possible.
> And do not suggest Commons. That project is even worse. I would need a 
> week just to study all of their idiocies.
> Waerth/Walter van Kalken
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