[Foundation-l] Pictures of Bangkok riots

Waerth waerth at asianet.co.th
Tue Apr 14 11:24:33 UTC 2009

The 13th I took 70 pictures of the fight between the red shirts and the 
army. I was in the first lines when the soldiers were shot at and 
molotov cocktails were thrown. The 14th I took pictures of the situation 
around government house in a more peacefull setting after the army had 
disbanded the red shirts.

Even though I have refused for 2,5 years to add any more of my knowledge 
to the Dutch wikipedia about thailand because of the bunch of idiotic 
civil servants ruling the place as if it is their own personal fiefdom I 
decided to give a couple of pictures.

Today 5 of the 19 pictures were put up for deletion ... and why .... 
because I forgot to say they were CC-BY-SA like the other 14 .... anyone 
with a bunch of brains would have asked me at my Talk page to add the 
license or would have done it themselves as they could safely assume 
that I would give them the same license as the other pictures .....

But no the damn civil servants put them up for deletion.

This is really hurting especially since I have done so much for the 
Dutch wikipedia and because for the first 6 pictures I was in a 
situation of violence. I regret deeply that I have donated these 
pictures to the wikimedia foundation and I hope that they will be 
deleted. As Soon As Possible.

And do not suggest Commons. That project is even worse. I would need a 
week just to study all of their idiocies.

Waerth/Walter van Kalken

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