[Foundation-l] Frieda Brioschi resigns from the Wikimedia Board of Trustees

Michael Snow wikipedia at verizon.net
Tue Sep 9 19:21:35 UTC 2008

I'm sad to tell you that Frieda Brioschi has decided to step down from 
her position with the Wikimedia Board of Trustees. She informed the 
board of her decision over the weekend.

The board has no immediate plan to replace Frieda, so it will remain at 
seven members for the time being. I expect we will consider various 
options on whether and how to fill the vacancy at our next meeting, 
which is scheduled for October in San Francisco.

As was also the case with Florence, Frieda is not leaving us entirely, 
she will remain involved in the broader community. So on behalf of the 
board, I want to thank Frieda for her service to the organization, wish 
her the best, and look forward to future opportunities to work with her.

--Michael Snow

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