[Foundation-l] Wikimedia finances and the economy

Nathan nawrich at gmail.com
Sat Oct 11 13:54:42 UTC 2008

There has been a lot of chatter lately in the news about the potential
impact on charitable giving of the current economic crisis. I notice that
the 08/09 budget calls for Q2 revenues of $3.5M., a total annual donation
revenue of $6M and an annual revenue of $7.3M.

Since the bulk of the annual revenue is to be acquired in this quarter, and
the world is currently engaged in a serious financial crisis, what
adjustments or contingencies has the Foundation planned to mitigate a
downturn in gift revenue? The actual spending budget has a built in cushion
of $1.3M, but the budget indicates that the cash reserve as of the end of
September was anticipated to be in the hole $752. With a negative reserve, a
threat to revenue and a very poor borrowing environment are the finances of
the organization still secure?



[1]"Economy Expected To Take a Tole on Charitable Giving"
[2]"In Tight Times, Many Nonprofits Feel the Pinch As Contributions Dwindle"
[3]"Charities Are Bracing For Long, Hard Winter"

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