[Foundation-l] Knol: on the bright side of things...

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 20:23:27 UTC 2008

> The best we could hope for is a huge shift from SA-like license
> preference to merely BY-like license preference among the community.
> Highly unlikely.

Not just the community, everyone that has ever edited a Wikipedia article.

> Perfectly acceptable would be a community effort by people who accept
> BY-like licenses to rewrite stuff from WP and our sources into Knol,
> under BY.
> The question is whether that's worth it...

We could move small amounts across by persuading everyone that's
edited a particular article to dual license their contributions to it
under CC-BY and agree to give Google the more extensive rights, which
is achievable for some articles (some small amounts could be
rewritten, as you say). I don't see the point though. Why is having
them on Knol a good thing when they're already on Wikipedia (it's not
a bad thing, certainly, but I don't see that it's a good one)?

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