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Sue Gardner sgardner at wikimedia.org
Tue Jul 29 17:49:26 UTC 2008

I would like to add my thanks as well :-)

I don't want to single out particular individuals, because Michael's 
list was pretty comprehensive, and also because I know that sometimes 
the hardest work is the least visible.   In general though, I will say 
this: staging a conference is really hard. It's stressful, there's tons 
to do, and it's mostly thankless. The worst part is that the organizers 
frequently can't relax and enjoy themselves, because they are too busy 
fixing countless small problems and attending to last-minute details.

So congratulations to everyone who contributed to a very successful 
Wikimania. It was an impressive conference - and particularly impressive 
that, much of the time, you made it seem easy :-)

I very much enjoyed myself: thank you.

Michael Snow wrote:
> Michael Snow wrote:
>> So I'd 
>> like to again thank those Phoebe named and add a few more, although 
>> there are inevitably some whose names I may not know to recognize their 
>> contributions.
> See, I knew I could never get all the names. I'm adding one that I missed.
>> In addition to Mido, others from the planning team that developed the 
>> Alexandria bid and had the vision and belief in Wikimedia's potential in 
>> Egypt and the Arab world - thanks to Shipmaster (an example of someone 
>> who was not at Wikimania, but helped put it together), Hamdy, Amr, and 
>> the Egyptian Wikimedia community.
>> Along with Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of the Bibliotheca 
>> Alexandrina, and Dr. Noha Adly - thanks to the staff of the ICT 
>> department, especially Moushira, Monia, and Omneya. They were a great 
>> help before, during, and after the conference.
>> For those who contributed their hard work throughout Wikimania, either 
>> in preparation or the day-by-day activities - thanks to the amazing 
>> local volunteers, especially Nada, Ashraf, Mohamed, and Ahmed.
> I've been reminded that I overlooked Abdel Rahman, who wasn't on the 
> list the staff helped me put together. But since he's one of these I 
> know I met in person, I should have remembered. Thanks again to him and 
> anyone else we've failed to thank personally.
> --Michael Snow
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