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Moushira Elamrawy moushirah at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 17:23:16 UTC 2008

Dear Micheal,

Starting the day with a more than a couple of very overwhelmingly kind
emails is certainly a great experience, which I can not help but to thank
you back for it.

Let me second you in thanking the enthusiastic Egyptian bidding team;
Shipmaster was a great help to the initiative, and he continued his help
remotely with the program committee; we just regret that he couldn't make it
to Alex. Amr -The Egyptain- was also a positive contributor all the way.

I am quite speechless to all of the positive notes, and very grateful to all
the sincere thank you emails that we receive. It is our pleasure that we
were up to Wikimania, and we are looking forward to more significant change
in the Arabic Wikimedia projects..

Sending you fresh -although humid ;)- Alexandrian air breeze, hoping that we
meet again in Argentina!

Warmest Regards,

Looks like Phoebe beat me to the punch. I was working on my own
> thank-you note to write, after getting some help listing more of the
> names that should be thanked, but I want to echo everything she said. My
> participation seems to be moving in the opposite direction from hers -
> compared to my previous Wikimania experience in Boston, I made it to
> fewer sessions, not more - but I enjoyed all those I participated in and
> got a taste of many different aspects of the Wikimedia community.
> As Phoebe mentions, this is a bit similar to the appreciation expressed
> in the closing ceremonies, but many people who will read this were not
> there for that, and some of the people who deserve thanks were not
> physically present either. It's a testament to our collaborative spirit
> that even when some of the community gathers in person, it will be
> backed by the work of others who aren't in attendance themselves. So I'd
> like to again thank those Phoebe named and add a few more, although
> there are inevitably some whose names I may not know to recognize their
> contributions.
> In addition to Mido, others from the planning team that developed the
> Alexandria bid and had the vision and belief in Wikimedia's potential in
> Egypt and the Arab world - thanks to Shipmaster (an example of someone
> who was not at Wikimania, but helped put it together), Hamdy, Amr, and
> the Egyptian Wikimedia community.
> Along with Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of the Bibliotheca
> Alexandrina, and Dr. Noha Adly - thanks to the staff of the ICT
> department, especially Moushira, Monia, and Omneya. They were a great
> help before, during, and after the conference.
> For those who contributed their hard work throughout Wikimania, either
> in preparation or the day-by-day activities - thanks to the amazing
> local volunteers, especially Nada, Ashraf, Mohamed, and Ahmed. Thanks
> also to the dedicated international volunteers, such as Jakob, Lodewijk,
> Casey, Mark, Aphaia, and many more (including those who could not
> attend), for things like working on the program committee, helping with
> the website, and a variety of other places help was needed. Not to
> mention the foundation staff: Delphine, Cary, and Jay working in
> Alexandria, and Lisa and Erica for their help from San Francisco.
> On behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation, I'd like to again thank all of
> these people, along with the speakers and attendees who helped make
> Wikimania a success. Without all of you, none of this would have been
> possible. I look forward to another exciting Wikimania next year in
> Buenos Aires.
> --Michael Snow
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