[Foundation-l] Direct url's posted (Re: Wikimania 2008; online video recordings)

Walter Vermeir walter at wikipedia.be
Mon Jul 28 21:49:54 UTC 2008

Walter Vermeir schreef:
> to share WMF-related information I have made a list with the direct 
> url's to the files of the Wikimania sessions videos.
> You can find these here;
> http://en.wikizine.org/2008/07/special-post-urls-to-wikimania-2008.html

All of the videos from the Biblotheca Alexandrina webcast section are 
now uploaded to the Kaltura website. And are also included on that 
wikizine.org posting. (and it seems that FF now craches when it trying 
to load it)

Every time you edit an already publisched posting the aggregator at 
en.planet.wikimedia.org considers it a new post and it comes back at the 
top of the page. I promise I am done with this now.

On the kaltura wiki the uploaded videos can be found at;

The bold listings contain video.

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