[Foundation-l] Copies of Wikipedia's articles found on Knol

Nathan nawrich at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 17:49:39 UTC 2008

The Google terms of service item 8 does seem to present a problem. here it

*8.*      *License to Google.*
By submitting, posting or displaying content as an Author, Co-Author,
Collaborator, Commenter, Reviewer, or User on or through the Service,  you
grant to Google a non‑exclusive, perpetual, worldwide and royalty-free right
and license to (i) use, copy, distribute, transmit, modify, create
derivative works based on, publicly perform (including but not limited to by
digital audio transmission), and publicly display the content through Google
services; (ii) allow other users to access and use the content through
Google services; and (iii) permit Google to display advertisements on the
Google sites containing the content.  In addition, you grant to Google a
nonexclusive, perpetual, worldwide and royalty-free license to use your
name, likeness, image, voice, and biographical information (and, where
applicable, your trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, and other
business identifiers) in connection with the content and Google's use of the
content through the Google services.

But it also appears to conflict with this item of the same TOS:

5.1.  *No Google Ownership of User Content.*  Google claims no ownership or
control over any content submitted, posted or displayed by you on or through
the Service. You or a third party licensor, as appropriate, retain all
patent, trademark and copyright to any content you submit, post or display
on or through the Service and you are responsible for protecting those
rights, as appropriate.

So which is it? If its the second, then the portion of the content posted by
users is licensed under whichever license they choose. Is item 8 intended to
allow Google to publish the content through Knol or some other as yet
undetermined service?

The "stealing" language is a bit strong, by the way. If anything, reposting
articles with attribution but with a license that grants Google unacceptable
rights is simply allowing Google to steal Wikipedia content - or giving it
an opening to do so, which I doubt it would take.


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