[Foundation-l] Ethics project on Wikiversity

Christiano Moreschi moreschiwikiman at hotmail.co.uk
Sun Jul 13 13:16:00 UTC 2008

> Wikiversity is not the place to try to change or influence another
> Wikimedia project. From what you describe, the Wikiversity project
> seems to be opposed to some of the basic premises of Wikipedia.
> Perhaps Wikiversity is being used because these ideas wouldn't gain
> any currency on Wikipedia or Meta Wikimedia?

Um, duh. Most of the editors participating are banned on en.

That said, if they come up with some good ideas, I will be delighted. Particularly relating to BLPs, where I feel we have completely lost sight of the principles of guilt and desert. At the moment on en you can be the biggest spamming dick ever, and no one can say anything bad about you even at AfD. Which is annoying. 

Also, guys, can you apply your brains to our dispute resolution system? It works fine when both participants are honest and reasonably competent: it works awfully when one is trolling and gaming the system. We also have no good way to decide definitively "This is mainstream academic consensus: apply WP:FRINGE and other policies in the light of this". 

Fix all that, and I'll be happy. I might even participate.



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