[Foundation-l] Kaltura and Wikimania collaborative video editing

Chad innocentkiller at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 12:18:17 UTC 2008

On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 3:17 AM, Florence Devouard <Anthere9 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Jay Walsh wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> Kaltura - who are kind benefactors of Wikimania this year, wanted to
>> pass on the following invite to those who are participating in Wikimania
>> - or those who may not be able to.
>> They've got two lonely videos on there right now.  Consider uploading
>> your travel videos for some open-source collaboration/editing.  Add as
>> many other videos as you can come across while you're in Alexandria.  If
>> you can't make it, why not edit a video or add some reflections or views
>> of your own?
>> (PS, freshly blogged at
>> http://blog.wikimedia.org/2008/07/08/kaltura-and-wikimania-08-collaborative-video-editing/)
>> Thanks!
>> Jay Walsh, Head of Communications

I get a very distinct perception that the community isn't as
thrilled about Kaltura as the WMF itself seems to be. The
lack of videos being evidence of that, if nothing else.

> Okay, my first three feedbacks.
> 1. I uploaded an image just fine. This image was added to the end of the
> video automatically (I could not put it elsewhere). I had no other
> choice than cc by sa as a licence. The image may have been cc by sa...
> or something else... so I may have infringed the original licence. I had
> no field where I could add the source or name of the author. So,
> ultimately, I did not respect the licence of the image. I apology to the
> author.
> 2. I tried to remix the video. When I clicked on remix, I found myself
> in front of the "add to this video" system. I was never able to remix,
> nor to see a history of the entire video.
> 3. I decided to go back to the main video to click again on the remix
> button. It crashed my browser and I lost the roughly 30 pages which were
> opened.
> That ended my experience with it.
> Ant
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This may partly explain why.


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