[Foundation-l] Next board meeting

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Wed Feb 27 23:26:47 UTC 2008

Florence Devouard wrote:
> We are not looking for a treasurer in the traditional view. Our finances 
> are primarily handled by the accountant and the CFOO, who are both staff 
> members. The treasurer will not have "the hands in the books".
> His role will be to
> * Manage, with the finance committee to be created, the board's review 
> of and action related to the board's financial responsibilities;
> * Work with the chief executive to ensure that appropriate financial 
> reports are made available to the board. Regularly reviews reports to 
> board on key financial events, trends, concerns, and assessment of 
> fiscal health;
> * May work directly with the bookkeeper or other staff in developing and 
> implementing financial procedures and systems;
> * Serves as support to the financial officer of the organization and as 
> chairperson of the finance committee;
> * Serves on the audit committee;
> * Review the annual budget that is presented to the balance of the board 
> for approval;
> * Review the annual audit and answers board members' questions about the 
> audit;
> * Provides financial and operational advice and guidance to the board as 
> required.
The key thing that you forget in this list is that he must additionally 
function as an ordinary Board member.


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