[Foundation-l] Next board meeting

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Wed Feb 27 17:02:04 UTC 2008

Florence Devouard wrote:
>> Finally I think that it would be good if the board would discuss the
>> possibilities of a Wiki/Volunteer council. this Council has been
>> discussed several times in the past, and the last thing I heard about
>> it was the suggestion to let the board appoint some people to form an
>> initial council, so that they can set up the required procedures etc.
>> To come there, a goal etc should be formulated however. If this is put
>> on the agenda of the Board, I am confident that the community will be
>> able to have at least finished a discussion about the topic, although
>> I am not sure that this would also lead to 100% clear conclusions.
> You know how supportive I am of that. I'll try to add that to the 
> agenda. To be fair with you though, I fear board members do not pay any 
> attention and interest to this option :-(
That's sad.  Wikipedia was founded on fresh ideas.  The key to long term 
viability is to avoid having a sclerotized structure.  As Wayne 
Mackintosh pointed out in his Taipei presentation there comes a time in 
the life of an organization when it needs to refresh itself, and I see 
this as an effective means of bringing that about.  While the Advisory 
Board was a good idea, one cannot expect that it will have enough 
commitment to carry out its own ideas.  A Wikicouncil should be able to 
bridge the innovative ideas of an Advisory Board and the inertia 
characteristic of Boards of Directors.


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