No subject

Thu Feb 7 21:25:56 UTC 2008

productive.  These threads are largely what has led Foundation
officials to decry this list as "useless" or even "crap."  That
Florence continued to indulge certain posts with a response did not
affect my judgment that this particular thread had outlived its
usefulness and, though certain points were worthy of attention, should
have been brought up in a different way and/or in a different medium.
It had absolutely nothing to do with certain posts being critical of
the Board or anyone else, because, to be frank, it's not my job to act
in their interests here.

I'm not going to address issues of "legitimacy" or "censorship," but I
will say that I normally do give notice of a killed thread, which
happens perhaps once a month.  I didn't do that here, simply because I
forgot, and I apologize for the confusion that caused.


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