[Foundation-l] Wiki work

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 16:41:20 UTC 2008

On 26/02/2008, effe iets anders <effeietsanders at gmail.com> wrote:

> well, confluence *does* offer wysiwyg, in contrary to mediawiki...

Lack of good WYSIWYG in MediaWiki is a major problem for wider
acceptance of the software. This is a well-understood problem, if an
as yet unsolved one :-)

There are some WYSIWYG editors for MediaWiki, but they're not that
great beyond the basics of wikitext. Anything fancy is fraught with


Good WYSIWYG is mostly blocked on a good wikitext grammar. Steve
Bennett is leading the effort to write one on wikitext-l:


You can see work so far at:


Once that's done, WYSIWYG editor writers won't have to try to
reverse-engineer wikitext themselves.

- d.

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