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Composer's have life+95 (IIRC) which means that ELP and the like won't  be
appearing on WMF servers anytime soon (I met Greg Lake in London a few  years
back, so he's still around). Where this impacts the foundation is  stuff done
late 19th century and the composer is long dead. A performance  recorded in
the 50s or 60s of the work would be impacted, in some cases  it'd be
withdrawn from the public domain.

My point was more on ELP's adaptation of works. For instance, ELP's  Pictures 
at an Exhibition came out in 1971. Mussorgsky wrote it in 1874, so it  would 
have made the mark, however, it was only first published (by  Rimsky-Korsakov) 
in 1886.  Would ELP, by recording the piece, potentially  have been violating 
I am also curious as to how this would impact songs like Vera Lynn's  
recording of "We'll Meet Again" (1939). Or more so, any classic recordings of  "It's 
a Long Way to Tipperary" from World War I.
Just wondering--the implications go far beyond Cliff Richard's pension  fund.

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