[Foundation-l] Possibility of a git-based fully distributed Wikipedia

THURNER rupert rupert.thurner at wikimedia.ch
Tue Feb 19 05:26:56 UTC 2008

the bandwith and space for getting changes in is at one hand an
organisational matter (do i take en.wp as one git repository, or only
one page), and at the other a technical (does it support
branching/cloning parts of the whole).

technically there exist two strategies sticking out a little. first,
while all track files and changes onto it, git tracks only contents
and therefor notices better than others if a paragraph got moved from
one file to the other (or, one article to the other).

second, while all are able to track changes on a line and conflict the
change set if two people changed the same line, darcs is able to do
this even more detailled. it notices if two people changed two words
in a line and merges it.

there is minimum one research group (enst bretagne) which is
interested in p2p wiki technologies also trying to bid for
europe-government foundet project. they would be more than glad
finding people interested in that.

if you want to participate somehow, please write!



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